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Accelerate your impact with a right-hand trusted partner. 

Leaders struggle to find entrepreneurial, outside the box thinkers with cross functional talents and skills to make strategic decisions with leadership and operational teams.

We are ready to be a co-strategist, execution arm and force multiplier to help you tackle the next milestone in your leadership journey.  


Our team of multi-sectoral professionals who are passionate about making a difference, and seeing you win big. 

RCG Services

Strategic Planning Intensive

This service package is tailored for startups, nonprofits, and campaigns to develop and execute short-term and long-term strategies that achieve their goals and drive success. We provide customized solutions, including SWOT analysis, competitive research, and implementation planning to help your organization reach their full potential. Our experienced consultants will guide you and your stakeholders through the entire strategic planning process. 

Political Campaign Training 

We offer a comprehensive training to women who are interested in launching a successful political campaign. We understand that running for political office can be a daunting and complex process.  Our training program includes sessions on crafting a compelling campaign message, building a strong campaign team, fundraising strategies, public speaking, media relations, and voter outreach. We also provide training on legal and regulatory requirements for political campaigns. 

Personal Leadership Branding

This service package is designed to help leaders develop and promote their unique leadership identity. Our experienced consultants will work with you to identify your strengths, values, and goals, and create a personal brand that aligns with your vision and resonates with your audience. This package includes branding, messaging, content strategy, and media training, to help clients establish a strong online presence and thought leadership in their industry.  

Our service packages 

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Our firm is not an ideal fit for every engagement or prospective client. When it isn't a good fit, we are delighted to refer you to someone who may. This is how we maintain our reputation and earn the trust of our clients.

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Management consulting 

Strategic planning and management 

Strategic communications and branding

Full service campaign management

Board development & management

Ops and people management 

Organizational development

Business development

Fundraising/Grant writing 

Change management 

Project management  

Community engagement and outreach

Political campaigns 

Campaign Manager

Fundraising Manager

Field Director 


Executive Director 

Advocacy Director 

Early stage start ups 

Interim or Co-CEO, COO, CSO

Chief of Staff


Fractional leadership services

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