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We are a home for social impact leaders and practitioners looking to make an impact in the startup, nonprofit, and political spaces of transformation. 

Together, they are powerful forces for change, promoting progress, and advancing the collective good in our communities.

Our growing network allows us to be powerhouse connectors that accelerate historic wins for our clients. 

Who we work with.

Our clients.

We believe leaders in these spaces play crucial roles in driving change, as they have the power to shape policies, norms, and culture.

Public office

Women political candidates running for local, state or federal offices.

Early stage start ups  

Women founders and executives in C-suite roles building consumer tech products.


Women founders and executives building and operating 501(c)3s, 501(c)4s and PACs.

The RCG experience.

1. Clarity

At our discovery call, we gain clarity about your goals, and create a scope of work. 

2. Build

We design a plan of success and build a top-tier team to guide and support your leadership.

3. Manage

We manage the project or operation from start to finish and equip you with the tools, hands-on-experience and resources to learn and feel confident.

4. Grow

Together, we co-operate with you to carry out your company vision and implement our winning plan. 

The Executive Lounge.

Step into your leadership with our premier membership program that offers monthly leadership trainings, community support, and expert insights.

The Firm.

Our service packages are tailored to help you lead from a place of confidence and free you up to do what you love to do, lead. 

Get access to our in-house templates, guides and workbooks to guide you through different components of your organizational and leadership journey. 

The Resource Vault.

RCG's Promise

Our work will always be centered around our commitment to the triple bottom line:

what we do is good for people, the planet, and building economic & political power in a just and equitable way.  

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