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About RCG.

From budding visionary to high profile leader, we are there every step of the way.  We are a women-owned management consulting firm that works with mission driven women leaders and women-operated teams to accelerate their ideas from concept to launch while saving them time and money. 


Our mission is to get more women in leadership roles and help them stay there.  

We are proud to work with bold leaders who are passionate about building inclusive, sustainable and equitable experiences for social impact.  Together, we create new organizational systems and cultures that are gender and racially inclusive and adaptive for modern times.  

We are a hybrid firm based in Northern California. 

Our values.

Working with leadership, we fundamentally understand the importance of leading from a place of authenticity, balance, and personal power. We are deeply committed to upholding these values and helping you create a legacy of service that empowers future generations.

Our practices are grounded on the premises of conscious leadership and creating a positive social, economic or environmental impact.

We foster honest dialogue that inspires understanding, compassion and inspired action for a collective vision.

We center authentic community engagement in our work to build better workspaces, services and policies.  

We are intentional in co-creating inclusive environments where everyone is valued and supported.

We empower leadership beyond the C-suite by supporting leaders to give back to a worthy cause through board service, political office, nonprofit and philanthropic endeavors. 

We connect mission-driven strategists and talent with new and seasoned leaders looking to make a profound impact in the world.




Our theory of change.

We grow the pool of highly credentialed, multidisciplinary C-suite women executives ready to amplify bold visions, lead teams and everything in between.   

Transparent communication

Community engagement

Creative expression

Leading with compassion

Fostering collaboration

What we believe in.

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