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Who we are

We are a social impact management firm serving leaders in business, politics & nonprofits.  


Our mission is to get more women leaders in leadership roles and help them stay there by equipping them with the resources, personalized support and community to help them build their ideas and create inclusive and equitable systems that work for women.

Unlock your journey.

We envision a world where every women leader has the resources and support to realize their full potential and create a legacy of impact in their communities.

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Why RCG 

Women leaders are at the forefront of a transformative movement, reshaping the way we approach leadership and business. We are forging a path that integrates holistic values into our professional journeys.  

We champion social, political, economic and environmental consciousness, weaving these values into the fabric of our organizations and advocacy efforts.


We recognize that a thriving world is interconnected, and responsible business practices and policy decisions must reflect this interconnectedness.

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